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Family Owned And Operated. Aqua Docs Offers Over 20 years Of Experience. With Certified Technicians High-tech Equipment 30 Minutes Response Time. Direct Insurance Billing Fast & Affordable Free Inspections Leak Detection Plumbing Repair Wood Floor, Carpet Dry Out & Cleanup

Our team is certified under Water, Mold and Fire guidelines and follow strict procedures to ensure an excellent result.

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Who We Are

Aqua Docs Restoration was founded by Florida native John Devia. With over 20 years of experience Aqua Docs team has set the bar in professional-quality mold inspection and other quality services.
Aqua Docs team goes beyond the call of duty and assures that no stone is left unturned when performing an inspection.
At Aqua Docs we closely work with local, state, and federal organizations!   Our team dedicates themselves to helping everyone from natural disasters to residential mishaps.
At Aqua Docs we turn your mess into a remedy for success!

Insurance Claims

our in-house estimators have vast construction and restoration knowledge to assess and document every details of damage, thus expediting the process.

when restoring your home or business, additionally discovered hidden damage, due to your insurance loss, will be added to your claim for supplemental work and payment. as we understand all of the costs affiliated with fixing your home, we will work to get fixing your home, we will work to get an agreed price for and agreed scope of work.  

Non-emergency Water Damage?

Mold Removal & Inspections

Structural drying and dehumidification cleaning and odor removal contents handling and restoration complete reconstruction services ICRC certificated for microbial removal

mold can pose serious health risks if left untreated all containment, removal, disposal, and repair performed by certified technicians we work closely with your insurance company. member of institute of inception, cleaning, and restoration certification. 

Non-emergency Fire Damage?

Non-emergency Fire Damage?

Emergency boardup services emergency fire cleanup smoke and soot  odor removal repairs to water damage structural drying and dehumidification mold removal and odor control


Emergency roof tarping mold remediation

Tips to Prevent Water Damage

Clean out roof gutter
Not checking your roof gutters to see if anything is blocking them from functioning properly can be extremely problematic! Debris such as leaves, nests, twigs, sticks, among other items can cause your gutters not to drain water away from your home. On a rainy day, a clogged gutter can cause water to spill into your home’s foundation, through the roof, or down to into the walls. Inevitably causing some serious water damage!
Be careful planting
Certain plants and trees can have roots that can potentially grow into your sprinkler system, pipes etc. Prior to planting make sure to research specific plants growth to keep roots away from any water lines.
Don’t pour grease down your sink
Never pour grease down your kitchen sink or flush it down the toilet! It doesn’t matter if you flush it can coagulate and cling to your pipes, causing serious damage and blockage. Which can cause flooding.

Our Services

Aqua Docs is a Commercial & Residential water cleanup provider managing fire and flood damage, mitigation and restoration. Encompassing the entire state of Florida from coast to coast we offer round the clock customer service.

  • Water Damage

  • pipe leaks fire

  • roof leaks

  • floods accidents

  • tornadoes hurricanes

Clean Up

  • Restoration Experts

  • Specialising In insurance claims

  • its’s our job to prevent your property from further damage.

  • bills goes directly to your insurance company

Mold Removal

Past water damage or excess moisture is the cause of mold growth

Water Damage Repair

have you spotted a leak or noticed moisture?. it might be a pipe break, leaking roof, leaking air conditioner 

Fire Damage Repair

Fires, At your home or business are never easy.aqua docs can help you with the smoke and soot clean up

Storm Damage Repair

have you had any thunderstorm, hurricane, tornado or heavy winds cause damage to your home or business? repairs to storm damage can be daunting

Sewage Cleanup

At Aqua Docs sewage Cleanup is managed quickly and efficiently by our trained professionals. Whether a sewage line backs up, a broken sewer pipe bursts or any other cause for sewage damage cleanup must be taken care of immediately. When a sewer line backs up it sends potentially toxic water throughout your property making it smell and can make any one that comes into contact with it very ill . Our expert technicians use specialized equipment and protective gear to keep themselves safe while cleaning and sanitizing the affected areas.

Once the affected area is assessed we utilize special equipment to remove sewage from the area. Any Items that can be cleaned and sanitized will be taken care of immediately. Additionally, any items that have been affected that cannot be salvaged will be discarded properly. Hard surfaces will be cleaned & sanitized, enabling new floor covering to be laid and contents to be moved back into the home or business.
Prior to completion, our experts will thoroughly dry the affected areas with airmoving circulating equipment and dehumidifiers to prevent further moisture damage, mold or any bacteria growth. Making your home or business a safe environment.

Fire Restoration & Smoke Damage

Aqua Docs is a family-owned & operated business dedicated to taking a caring & efficient approach towards fire damage. Regardless if your entire home or structure burned down, a portion of your home or structure was exposed to fire or there is no actual fire damage, but heavy smoke damage we can effectively remedy and eliminate any type of damage as fast as possible.
Professional Assessment
When we reach your premises, one of our experts will immediately perform a quick and professional report to compile a comprehensive assessment. At Aqua Docs Our primary focus is making your experience as positive and as seamless as possible, as you undergo an unexpected and tragic occurrence such as a fire! Our proven track record and quick response time makes us one of the best fire & smoke damage restoration teams on the market from coast to coast.

Mold Remediation

At Aqua Docs our certified technicians use state-of-the-art equipment and EPA-approved chemicals to eradicate any mold found in your home or business. The health and safety our your environment is our main priority. Affected areas are thoroughly cleaned and dried using our professional equipment. Any contaminated and/ or unsalvageable area will be safely removed from the structure.
Our clients safety is our main priority. Our technicians will keep you updated on the progress of the treatment and removal of the mold. Upon completion, the team at Aqua Docs will provide a detailed inspection and follow-up testing after treating the mold contamination. When it comes to mold removal or remediation services, our team utilizes proven techniques to return your home or business to a safe environment. In addition, we also specialize in mold prevention which allows our clients to avoid mold re-occurrences in water-damaged areas.

Our Mission, Our Guarantee

We put your life back together! 

When Disaster Strikes, We are the only company you need to call.

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